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Monday, October 1, 2012

Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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corpse bride Emily makeup style for girls

Just recently, I found another Emily - Corpus Bride Makeup tutorial video. This take of this makeup style is by wendytung. This one is a little bit different then the others because you do not need to use your eyelids in order to make this work. By drawing just underneath your eyes, you can create the big eyes effect while being able to see. wendytung gives a very detailed tutorial on this style and if you are looking for something that is a little bit different then the rest or an extra option or idea, check out this video and see if you like it. 

emily corpse bride Halloween makeup style for girls
Here is another version done by dope2111. This is by far one of the greatest ideas that I have seen for Halloween Makeup. dope2111 was able to draw bigger fake eyes that is like Emily from Corpse Bride! What a great idea! Simply awesome and this look will definitely freak your friends out. It takes awhile to prepare because you need to paint yourself blue (or any color of your choice) but the results are well worth it. Make sure you top it off with a wig that matches the skin color that you choose. Check out the video now and learn the Emily from Corpse Bride makeup style!

This wig works well for this makeup tutorial:

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