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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY - Make yoru own straight knot Necklace

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shirleybeniang shows us how to to make a great looking straight knot necklace in this fantastic tutorial. This is a fun project and the results are amazing. Its a beautiful straight knot necklace that you can make yourself or show it off to your friends. What a fantastic idea! Thanks shirleybeniang for this fantastic video and and tutorial.


Jersey Fabric (0.25m x 0.75m)
Chains (Wickes)
Pliers (Wickes)
"S" Hookes (Wickes)
Scissors (Poundland)
Glue Gun (Wickes)

I bought my fabric for £1 at my local fabric store.

The look that you see in this video uses these makeups:

Eyes : Antiqued Eyeshadow (MAC)
Lips : Cork Lipliner & Myth Lipstick (MAC)
Cheeks : Ambering Rose (MAC)

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