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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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zombie halloween makeup style for girls
Here's another type of zombie makeup by Emma Pickles, she uses a few products to create this look. The blood around her mouth are edible. You should not use regular fake blood around your mouth unless it's safe. The zombie look has fake veins, and nasty lumps growing on the side of the face. This look is a really scary zombie look. Check it out and see if you like it for this Halloween. 

Products used:
L'Oreal Lipstick (320. Really old and discontinued, I think.)
MUA Eyeshadow (Shade 19/20)
Liquid Latex (Smiffy's)
Prosthetic Gelatin (
(Make a mould with either clay or Play-Doh, use something like a BB pellet or something with a round edge to create the shapes, then fill with prosthetic gelatin or liquid latex.)
Grease Paint (
Snazaroo Facepaint (Red/Black)
Snazaroo Gel Blood

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  1. so i have a late halloween party comin up and i was wondering if there is something else i can use instead of liquid latex since i don't think we have it from where i come from ! i am planning to make a zombie costume but i need sth else instead of latex ! i heard that white glue (PVA) works ?! anyone has ideas about PVA or other stuff for fake cuts & wounds ?!
    Liquid Latex