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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Make Your Own Tote Bag for Any Style!

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Make Your Own Tote Bag Tutorial

Make your own tote bag of any style. They are highly customizeable, perfect for school, work or groceries. Best of all , they cost very little to make and it's a great little project to do this summer!

What you need:

-Two pieces of 18"x21" fabric. (Joann's has super cute 18"x21" fabric bundles!) You can also use one 36"x21" piece. If you use one big piece, just fold it so you're left with two 18"x21" halves. This allows you to skip stapling up the bottom! Fabric from a pillowcase would also be awesome for this!

-Standard size stapler


-Tape measure or ruler

-Two 24" pieces of belting for handles (You can find this at a fabric store like Joann's)

-Duct tape (This will be the lining, so remember to use a color you think goes well with your fabric choice!)

-An iron

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